Nicholas Dean Lodge

446th Weekly Fishing Report from Nicholas Dean Lodge

For Tuesday, July 24, 2007 to Monday, July 30, 2007
Tongue tied and bright eyed, Sky Richard and Cliff "Kip" Kreutzberg admire a giant Skeena Chinook of 50 lbs.
Fish Tales The Skeena River and its tributaries have continued to drop over the past week, and fishing conditions are much improved. Just ask Jimmy Williams, who had never experienced Salmon fishing before (not to mention in the Skeena Region!). On his first day on the Kitimat River, Jimmy hooked several fish, and landed Chinooks up to 35 lbs. On his second day, Jimmy landed his largest Chinook ever - a 40 lb monster taken on a K-16 Kwikfish on the Kitimat. And on his third day, his guide Sky Richard took him to a Skeena River tributary, where he landed 5 Chinooks in a matter of hours. The importance of having a good guide was evident on this day, as most other boats had not had much luck on the same stretch of river! Currently, Sockeye Salmon are rapidly migrating through the Skeena River by the thousands. These fish are like silver torpedoes that fight surprisingly hard and can tear off large quantities of backing in a short period of time. And as table fare, Sockeye fillets are unbeatable. Chum and Pink Salmon have been entering the Kitimat River in great numbers, and can provide incredible one-after-another type fishing. And then there is the fabled Chinooks of the Skeena. The fishing has been very good for these great fish, and a few behemoths have been landed. More on this for next week though... At the present time, there are a few spaces available for our Fall Steelhead and Trophy Coho and Early Winter Steelhead packages. Imagine yourself casting for the chrome-bright, freight train Steelhead on the main Channel Skeena, or seeing the washtub-sized boil that dry fly Steelhead on the Copper River make, then madly stripping flies for Coho on the lower Skeena Tribs...this is the type of incredible fishing available then. Contact me here at the lodge or check out our website ( for more details... Until next week, tight lines and sreaming reels, Chad Black Operation Manager _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nicholas Dean Lodge 2007 Season Records To Date: Steelhead: 27 lbs, Caught by Yvonne Williams of Vancouver, BC on the Skeena River Chinook Salmon: 55 lbs, Caught by Mike Bingham of Sheridan, California on the Skeena River Coho Salmon: 12 lbs, Caught by Adam Chelini of San Francisco, California on the Kitimat River
Fishing Conditions The chart below provides an overview on the current river fishing conditions by fish species:
Fish Species Poor Marginal Fair Good Excellent
Chinook Salmon
Coho Salmon
Pink Salmon
Sockeye Salmon
Chum Salmon
Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout
Dolly Varden
Bull Trout
Rainbow Trout
Chinook Salmon are now being caught in good numbers again in the Skeena, with larger fish up to 60 lbs landed. Sockeye fishing is at its peak, and Chum and Pink fishing has been very productive on the Kitimat River. Though they have not been encountered in high numbers, Steelhead are starting to make an appearance, and with the Skeena waters receding, hooking rates (but not necessarily landing!) should improve over the coming weeks. Halibut fishing has been phenomenal with Ernie Webb (, as well as for other Ocean groundfish.