Nicholas Dean Lodge

439th Weekly Fishing Report from Nicholas Dean Lodge

For Tuesday, June 05, 2007 to Monday, June 11, 2007
Cam Thiessen surveys the flooding at the Kalum boat launch, or rather, where the Kalum boat launch used to be. Chad Black Photo
Fish Tales The Skeena River near Terrace has continued to flood, with high waters peaking last Tuesday. It certainly was incredible to see a river with such force - you could hear the raging currents from very far away, and when you arrived at the river, there would sometimes be whole trees and logs sucked under, then you wouldn't see them until 500 ft downstream - if at all. At its peak, there were a number of houses that were flooded in Terrace and the surrounding area, causing a number of residents to be evacuated. Thankfully, however, the river level has dropped in the past few days and, with the cooler weather we've been experiencing, it should continue this trend. It was estimated that 60-70% of the snowpack melted in the recent flood, but there still remains some concern for the future. If there is more hot weather and heavy rains, river levels could again approach or perhaps even exceed those seen last week. Let's keep our fingers crossed in the hope that this doesn't happen again. From a fishing perspective though, we are very optimistic for the future. It has been our experience, and a number of our guests and booking agents have corroborated this, that when a flood passes through, it tends to move a lot of boulders around and changes the contours and hydraulics of the river, as well as scouring out silt, each of which combine to make the fishing typically better for migrating salmonids. In addition, though we are just starting to get into our summer 2007 season, we are already preparing for 2008. If you are thinking about joining us next year, it might be a good time to book now. Due to increasing operational costs, as well as a dropping US dollar, we will be increasing our rates in 2008 to $3495.00 USD in the main lodge (for 5 full days of guided fishing, with accomodation and meals at the lodge) and $2195.00 USD at the Skeena Camp (5 full days of guided fishing, with accomodation and meals at the Skeena Camp). This being said, however, if you would like to book for 2008, you can do so at the 2007 rates if we receive your 50% deposit prior to July 1, 2007. Despite the increase in trip costs, we are still competitvely priced when compared to other lodges and outfitters in Terrace, and since we hold more rod days on more classified waters near than many others, we can provide you with the most value for your dollar. At Nicholas Dean Lodge, we will strive to provide the best service to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Until next week, tight lines and screaming reels! Chad Black Operations Manager _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nicholas Dean Lodge 2007 Season Records To Date: Steelhead: 27 lbs, Caught by Yvonne Williams of Vancouver, BC on the Skeena River Chinook Salmon: 40 lbs, Caught by Bob Cusick of Edmonton, Alberta on a Skeena River Tributary Coho Salmon: Out of Season
Fishing Conditions The chart below provides an overview on the current river fishing conditions by fish species:
Fish Species Poor Marginal Fair Good Excellent
Steelhead Out of season
Chinook Salmon
Coho Salmon Out of season
Pink Salmon Out of season
Sockeye Salmon Out of season
Chum Salmon Out of season
Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout
Dolly Varden
Bull Trout
Rainbow Trout
Though there is presently no fishing available in the Skeena River and its tributaries, we did have a report from Ernie and Cindy Webb that the Chinook fishing in the Ocean near Prince Rupert has been very good, with a number of fish caught between 28 and 38 lbs. The Kitimat has been said to be clearing, and should provide good Chinook fishing in the coming weeks if runoff is not too high. Sky Richard reported very good trout fishing in the lakes around Terrace using small leech patterns on a light fly rod.