Nicholas Dean Lodge


Accommodations at Pioneer Fishing Lodge are first class, clean and very friendly, designed with our clients in mind - we know that you will enjoy yourself for the duration of your trip.  Guest accommodations are comprised of comfortable and relaxing log cabins or apartment style suites.  The cabins are designed to accommodate two people with minimal intrusion and disturbance.  Each guest will enjoy their own private bedroom with a deluxe double bed with quality linen.  Two guests share a shower room which is supplied with abundant hot water. The showers are powerful, with no added chemicals, just pure spring water - just what is needed to invigorate the body at the end of a long day.  There is an airy lobby area with drink making facilities and a covered open deck with seating for those who wish to relax al fresco.  Apartment suites offer similar amenities as the cabins in one large, spacious room.

The main dining area in the lodge features a large table over a high, vaulted ceiling where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. After dinner, continue the big fish banter in the comfort of La-Z-Boy  couches, perhaps with a scotch or beer instead.

The lodge has a newly renovated heated dry/wader room where you will keep your fishing gear and clothing.  Jezz will put on a roaring fire each night to ensure that your gear is dry the next morning.

Wireless internet is also available for the executive that needs connectivity to the office. We are sure you will enjoy our comfortable, first class environment.