Nicholas Dean Lodge

Fly Fishing for Freshwater Sockeye Salmon

Freshwater Sockeye SalmonThe broad expanse of the Skeena River flows by in front of you filled to brimming with millions of salmon. Fish flip and roll around you. Your 8 weight rod bends in sharp arc yet again as a 9 pound sea lice covered shining white silver Sockeye cartwheels and shoots back and forth in front of you. Fighting for all it’s life like an aspiring steelhead. As a bonus you may have also caught a bunch of pinks, a couple steelhead, a Coho or two, and maybe a Chinook and Chum also. If numbers, variety, and size of fish are important to you then our Sockeye season on the Skeena is something you’ll want to experience. This is also a great novice fly fishery because of the shear numbers of fish that run up the Skeena during this time, and the easy short casts (less than 50 feet) required.


The best time to target sockeye salmon is July 15 to September 15 this is when the vast majority of the silver millions pass right by Nicholas Dean Lodges door step.


The Skeena River is the only river where you can find large numbers of chrome sockeye and legally angle for them in the Terrace area.


A combination of upstream nymphing and the wet fly swing is the most effective method used for Sockeye. We use 100 to 200 grain sink-tips and sparsely tied pink, red, and chartreuse flies. Please refer to Fly Fishing Techniques for a more in depth description For Gear and Equipment Please Refer to Fly fishing Gear and Equipment List