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Fly Fishing for Freshwater Coho

Freshwater Coho Fly FishingCoho season is the most beautiful time of year with snow capped mountains vibrant autumn colors and giant hooked nosed “Northern Coho”. They are the prince of pacific salmon known for their high cart wheeling leaps, searing runs, and line twisting rolls. When conditions are right we also have the opportunity to sight fish using dry line techniques in gin clear pristine wild rivers. Our Coho streams hold fish averaging 8 to 15 pounds, some 20 pounders, and Coho up 30 pounds are not unheard off.


We begin catching Coho salmon in the beginning of August to well into November but the prime freshwater Coho Season is August 15 to October 31. Come enjoy our outsized Coho and wild BC Rivers.


Freshwater Coho Fly Fishing
  • Kitimat River: Non-Classified Summer and Fall
  • Lower Skeena River: Classified and Non-Classified Fall
  • Lower Skeena Tributaries: Non-Classified September Fall
  • Kalum: Classified September Fall
Remote coastal packages by helicopter or ocean boat. This is also a great sight seeing tour and when boating a chance to sample the local Dungeness Crab and Prawns.


Freshwater Coho Fly FishingThe usual approach used for Coho salmon is the wet fly swing with heavy sink tips and bright garish flash flies. A variety of stripping methods are also sometimes employed to tease a moody silver into a slashing take. If the water conditions are right for spotting Coho we sight fish for them using dry line tactics. They flies are fished just under or in the surface film to get a viscous thrashing take, most exciting! Please refer to Fly Fishing Techniques for a more in depth description For Gear and Equipment Please Refer to Fly fishing Gear and Equipment List