Nicholas Dean Lodge

Coho Saltwater Estuary

Nicholas Dean Lodge offers some of the most exciting Coho fishing possible. Imagine a small tumbling river spilling out onto a tidal flat with soaring mountains surrounding you in a Fjord on the North coast of British Columbia. You can see a huge school of 10 to 20 pound Coho splashing and milling about the bay. A long Cast to the edge of the giant pod of fish and strip, strip, faster and whack a large hook jawed beast slams your fly. Line screams from the reel as the Coho rips into the air in soaring leaps. We offer this exciting fishery on many remote coastal estuaries. Fly Fishing Freshwater Coho


Estuary Coho fishing begins August 10 and remains productive until October 10.


We fish Estuaries in the Douglas Channel area south and west of Kitimat, and North of Prince Rupert around Work Channel and Portland inlet. Freshwater Coho  

Coho Fly Fishing Fishing Techniques

The most common technique used to catch estuary Coho is with light to medium sink-tips. Flies are stripped in many different manners of retrieve until one is found to work. If the water conditions are right for spotting Coho we sight fish for them using dry line tactics. The flies are fished just under or in the surface film to get a viscous thrashing take, most exciting! Please refer to Fly Fishing Techniques for a more in depth description For Gear and Equipment Please Refer to Fly fishing Gear and Equipment List