Nicholas Dean Lodge

Fly Fishing for Giant Chinook

The challenge of chasing the largest and most powerful of the pacific salmon on the fly is an admirable pursuit. Our Chinooks are fresh out of the ocean, white chrome, and super hot. They average 20 to 40 pounds with fish over 50 pounds fairly common. There is even the chance of catching the ever elusive 80 plus pound King in the Skeena system. If you like being beaten up by a mean powerful beast of a fish than this is the fishery you. Chinook


Springer Chinook - April 20 to May 24
We have an excellent Springer Chinook fishery that meshes well with Steelhead fishing until May 15 and it is also possible to catch both species in the same pool using similar methods. These Chinooks are usually smaller fish averaging about 15 to 30 pounds but one year we did get an 83 pounder on May 22.
Summer Chinooks - June 20 to July 25
Fly fishing for Chinooks with fish averaging about 30 pounds. These are fresh chrome fish, which are exceedingly powerful. The Chinooks also have the advantage of being found in large fast flowing rivers this time of the year which makes them hard to handle.


  • Skeena: Classified Sections, Spring, Summer
  • Kitimat: Non-Classified, Summer
  • Kalum: Classified Spring, Summer
  • Remote Coastal Streams by helicopter access in Mid to late July.


Wet fly swing is the most common technique using 150 to 450 grain sink tips deep heavy water were Chinooks prefer to hold. Flash flies and Popsicle patterns can be quite effective. Fly fishing for chinook Please refer to Fly Fishing Techniques for a more in depth description For Gear and Equipment Please Refer to Fly fishing Gear and Equipment List