Fly Fishing Overview

The guides at Nicholas Dean have been guiding the Skeena River, Skeena Tributaries, Nass Tributaries, and Remote Coastal River for Steelhead and Pacific Salmon for over 15 years. And we have one of the longest fishing season of any lodge in North America (other then Caribbean Salt Water). Fly Fishing in British ColumbiaIf you enjoy long line casts using a double haul and big water, we have the Skeena River, or small gin clear streams, sight casting to Spring Steelhead, or skating a dry fly across a coastal river pool we can provide a different experience every day of the week for you. At Nicholas Dean we like to plan a diverse experience for you, rafting, drift boat, hiking, jet boat or helicopter, our planners and guides can prepare a trip of a life time. With over 54 rivers, lakes and salt water estuary destinations you can fly fish a different river or location every day, even if you come out multiple times in one year, we can ensure the experience is different every day. With the wild salmon and steelhead population we also offer a diverse range of species to target, each one requires a different presentation, style and strategy. Depending on the time of year, you decide the adventure you want based on the species you are targeting. Nicholas Dean Lodge offers exclusive custom fly fishing adventures for: Fly FishingWe have highly qualified fly fishing guides and the most knowledgeable fly fishing service available in the area. Our policy is one guide for two clients and destinations where you may not see another angler or person all day on the river. The guides provide the tackle you need throughout the day and the lodge can provide fly fishing equipment such as Spey Rods, and single handed fly rods. Nicholas Dean Lodge is located in the Northwest British Columbia Coastal Rainforest so the weather is moderate most of the year, but at time can experience lots of rain, snow and surprisingly sun. You need to come prepared with the right clothing and the layering system works best. Polar fleece, gortex, foot and hand warmers also make the day enjoyable if the weather does not cooperate. This one of the most beautiful locations, with the rugged mountains climbing 10,000 feet plus straight out of the ocean, snow capped peak, towering cedar trees that are thousand of years old, and dense rain forest, some of the last rain forest in North America. The wildlife is abundant and if you are lucky, you may even spot the rare Kermodei Bear or Spirit Bear which brings you good luck and fortune, who know you might hook the world record Steelhead right after the sighting.