Nicholas Dean Lodge

Conventional Fishing for Giant Chinook

Come and fish for the King of Salmon, the Chinook. The world’s largest King Salmon are found in the spectacular rivers of Northwestern British Columbia’s Skeena Region. The average size Chinooks we catch at Nicholas Dean lodge are 20 to 40 pounds, several in the 50 plus range, and a few over 80.  Many years ago, the Skeena River produced the largest sport caught Chinook salmon, a catch and release record of an astounding 99.15 pounds.


Springer Chinook April 20 to May 24 This is the time of year for the fishery on the Kalum River and is a Chinook fisherman’s dream water. We hunt mint, bright, aggressive, early run Chinooks mostly by spoons, plugs, and float fishing. These are the hardest fighting freshwater Kings you will probably ever encounter; they will even jump on occasion. We also fish the lower Kalum and the Skeena Rivers. Conventional Fishing for Giant Chinook Chinook and Halibut May 20 to July 25 The Kitimat River is the place to pull plugs, chuck spoons and bottom bounce from the drift boats. It has many long classic sweeping runs and pools with very reliable fishing for Chinooks from 20 to 50 pounds, and up to 80 pounds. The Skeena River and tributaries also offer some Chinook fishing that can prove to be very productive when conditions are prime. This is also the prime season for saltwater adventures for Halibut and Chinooks which makes a great option to spice up any trip. Conventional Fishing for Giant Chinook