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Conventional Fishing for Coho (Silver Salmon)

Coho salmon are the prince of pacific salmon with flashing silver sides, hard fast runs, high leaps, and bulldogged rolls. The primary rivers we fish for Coho are the Lower Skeena Tributaries that are blessed with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. They have granite peaks coming almost right down to river edge with thick old growth forests and snow capped peaks. The Coho average 5 to 15 pounds with a few fish over 20 and occasionally pushing 30 pounds. We also guide the highly productive Main Channel Skeena, Kitimat, Nass Tributaries, and Remote Coastal Streams. Coho begin showing up in early August and keep coming in until late November in the Skeena Region Streams. We fish them mostly with spoons and jigs except on the main channel Skeena were plunking and bottom bouncing are the most productive methods.


Summer Season Aug 1 to Sept 15
Is a great time to come and fish estuary Coho out on remote coastal rivers. The angler can see the fish slowly finning around the bay, cast to these super charged Coho and watch them inhale the lure. In the later half of August the main channel Skeena and Kitimat Rivers start receiving their first runs of sealice covered Coho that are fast, mean, and aggressive.
Fall Season Sept 1 to Oct 31
Is the prime time for our river Coho fisheries. Almost all of our streams have lots of large powerful Coho in them averaging 8 to 15 pounds with fish to 30+ pounds. The incredibly beautiful lower Skeena and tributary streams are a must to visit this time of the year with high walled soaring mountains covered in spectacular fall scenery. The remote coastal streams and estuaries are chalked full of Coho and are the ultimate in secluded Coastal British Columbia scenery with access by boat and/or helicopter.


  • Lower Skeena Tributaries: Non-Classified, Fall
  • Skeena: Classified Sections, Summer, Fall
  • Kitimat: Non-Classified, Summer, Fall
  • Kalum: Classified, Fall
  • Copper: Non-Classified, Summer, Fall
  • Nass Tributaries: Non-Classified, Fall
  • Remote Coastal Streams by helicopter: Access in Early August to Mid October

Coho Fishing Techniques

We use a very wide variety of techniques to fish for our Coho but the most common techniques are:
  • Spoon Fishing
  • Jig Fishing
  • Plunking
  • Float Fishing
  • Bottom Bouncing (Drift Fishing)
  • Back Trolling Plugs
For a more in depth explanation of fishing techniques please see the Conventional Fishing Techniques Section For Gear and Equipment Please Refer to the Conventional Fishing Gear and Equipment List