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Conventional Fishing for Chum, Pink, & Sockeye Salmon

The Skeena Region boasts healthy populations of all 5 species of Pacific Salmon. Along with the better know Chinook (King) and Coho (Silver) Salmon, we have prolific runs of their cousins the Sockeye (Red), Chum (Dog) and Pink (Humpy) Salmon as well. During the summer it is possible to catch all five species of Salmon and Steelhead in a single day on the Skeena River. The prolific runs of Sockeye, Chum, and Pink Salmon make ideal angling for novice anglers and the younger members of the family.


The fishing seasons for Sockeye, Chum, and Pink vary only slightly from one another. They are primarily summer run fish in the Skeena Region.
Sockeye (Red) July 1 to September 15
The Sockeye run on the Skeena can be in the Millions which equals highly productive fishing for these hard battling Salmon. The Skeena Sockeye average about 4 to 8 pounds in size and reach sizes up to 15 pounds. We Catch our Sockeye only 1 to 3 days out of the ocean which means they are silver bright, fight like demons, and have delicious, rich, deep red flesh. Come enjoy a fresh sockeye shore lunch with us on the banks of the Skeena River. We primarily bottom bounce (drift fish) on the Skeena and Nass Rivers.
Chum (Dog) July 1 to September 15
We primarily fish for Chum salmon by drifting the scenic Kitimat River which has an enhanced run were you can almost always catch as many fish a you could want. The Chum is the most highly underrated sport fish on the pacific coast. It fights with the strength of a Chinook, and the high flying acrobatics and long searing runs of a Coho. It will put the hurt on your tackle and on you arms and back. The Chum in our area average 8 to 20 pounds but fish over 30 pounds are possible. We primarily bottom bounce, and float fish for the hard battling Chum on the Kitimat River and Skeena River.
Pink (Humpy) July 15 to September 15
The Pink Salmon is a novice anglers dream fish since it returns in the millions and willingly takes most small pink lures. We target pink salmon when they are fresh in from ocean and in the peak of condition. They are tough tenacious battlers on light gear which makes them ideal quarry for young anglers. Skeena Region Pink Salmon average 3 to 6 pounds but an occasional brute over 10 pounds is possible. We primarily target pink salmon on the Skeena and Kitimat Rivers by bottom bouncing, spoon fishing, jig fishing, and plunking.


The rivers we fish the alternate three on by species are:
  • Lower Skeena - Classified and Non-Classified
  • Nass River - Non-Classified
  • Kitimat - Non-Classified
  • Skeena - Non-Classified
  • Nass - Non-Classified
  • Coastal Estuaries - Non-Classified
  • Skeena - Non-Classified
  • Kitimat - Non-Classified
  • Nass - Non-Classified
  • Coastal Estuaries - Non-Classified

Sockeye, Pink, and Chum Fishing Techniques

We use a very wide variety of techniques to fish for the alternate 3 but the most common techniques are:
  • Bottom Bouncing (Drift Fishing)
  • Float Fishing
  • Plunking
  • Spoon Fishing
For a more in depth explanation of fishing techniques please see the Conventional Fishing Techniques Section For Gear and Equipment Please Refer to the Conventional Fishing Gear and Equipment List