Nicholas Dean Lodge

River Transportation

We guide on over 50 rivers in Northern BC, requiring very diverse river access and transportation. Some of the bigger rivers we access with Jet Boats, whereas, the remote coastal river which require helicopter transportation we use the smaller Aire rafts. We know these river beats very well and the safest mode of transportation to ensure your trip will be relaxing and full of adventure.

Small Aire Rafts – 12’

Small Aire RaftsThese very durable and light weight rafts hold 2 fishers and the guide and are primarily used for helicopter fly-ins and areas where there is limited boat launch access. We typically use these rafts to move from pool to pool, then get out of the raft and fish the pool from head to tail. Small and compact, these rafts will hold all your gear, lunch and safety equipment, a great way to go down the Copper and Kalum River for trophy Steelhead.

Large NRS Raft – 18’

Large NRS RaftThis is a very large raft, very stable and used for rivers that we have boat launch access like the Kitimat and Kalum. We use this raft to fish from in the bigger pools and rivers, as well as to transport larger groups for those Chum Salmon fishing days on the Kitimat. This is a top of the line river raft and provides lots of comfort for those lazy days drifting the rivers of BC.

Drift Boat – Clackacraft 18’

Drift BoatTop of the line drift boat, Kevlar bottom with the slogan “Fear no Rock”, is used for fly fishers to access every seam, slot and pool on the river. You can fish from the boat as well as we use this to transport you from pool to pool. There is no better way to fly fish the rivers of BC, however it does require a boat launch which limits its use to the main rivers.

Jet Boat – 16’ PrinceCraft with a 40HP Yamaha Jet Drive

Jet BoatThis unique drive system uses a jet drive instead of a propeller drive outboard, which the rocks of BC are not very forgiving on. The jetdrive allows access to very shallow water (inches) for access the Skeena tributaries and the main stem Skeena itself. We use these jet boats extensively in the summer to access the hottest fishing spots on the Skeena and in the fall for launching in the Skeena then drive many miles up the famous Coho tributary rivers throughout the Skeena valley. Some rivers and tributaries in BC have banned the use of Jet Boats in order to preserve the spawning beds, these rivers tend to be shallower, gravelly rivers. These are the rivers we use our rafts and drift boats on. I am sure that the jet boat ride 30 kilometers up the Kasiks River will be a highlight of your trip in the Autumn chasing trophy Northern Coho.