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Being located in the epicentre of some of the best fishing for Steelhead and Salmon in the world on wild, untamed rivers lends itself well to both writers and anglers searching for a true wilderness fishing experience. As a result, Nicholas Dean Lodge has been featured in a number of different magazine articles, written by Jeff Bright, Chad Black, Terry Sheeley, April Vokey and others. Below you will find a number of articles ranging from photo essays, to feature length articles on the Skeena's best angling seasons, to an interview with renowned Steelhead angler, Lani Waller.

Wish You Were Here: Pictures From Steelhead Paradise

Since 2003 I've been fortunate to have fished nearly 40 weeks on many of British Columbia's finest steelhead rivers. As an agent and trip host for Nicholas Dean Lodge on the Skeena and Blackwell's Dean River Lodge on the Dean, it's my job. Well, that's what I tell my wife when she asks, "Why are you going up there another eight weeks this year..."

Author: Jeff Bright | In: Adventure Fishing Magazine, Summer 2010
The Best Kept Secret in Steelhead Paradise: Spring Flyfishing on the Skeena

It's March 26 and I'm standing in a wilderness river in Bristish Columbia's fabled Skeena Valley. The cold current is pushing hard against my legs, rain is dripping from my nose and I'm casting a fly the size of a small bird to fish with the proportion and temperment of alligators...

Author: Jeff Bright | In: Big Game Magazine, No. 1, 2010
Spring Steelhead on the Skeena

As a young angler growing up in southwestern Ontario, I first learned of the legendary steelhead of the Skeena River in northern British Columbia by watching videos of Lani Waller. Even at a young age, I was captivated by the size of Steelhead he was catching and the dramatic mountin landscapes where he was fishing, and I swore to myself that one day I would make the trip to Skeena country and fish for these storied fish...

Author: Chad Black | In: Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine, 2010
One Lifetime Hardly Seems Fair: Exploring Steelhead Flyfishing's Last Frontier

Study a map of northwest British Columbia; what strikes you is the practically uncountable number of short streams cleaving the rugged mountains of the coast. Some named, some not, they spill into the fjords of Chatham Sound, Portland Inlet, Work Channel, Douglas Channel, Devastation Channel, Gardner Canal, and Grenville Channel, to name just a few in the labyrinthine system of waterways that define the region...

Author: Jeff Bright | In: The Contemporary Sportsman, No. 1, 2010
Fishing Deep with Lani Waller: An Interview and Photo Essay

...One person who has been saddled with the "expert" label is Lani Waller. For sure, in his long career, Lani has caught a lot of Steelhead and has accrued a wealth of knowledge on how to catch them. But his greatest value may now just be emerging...

Author: Jeff Bright | In: Chasing Silver Magazine, No. 4, 2009
Ghosts and Vapours

There is a certain mystery and allure about steelhead and the places we go to find them. Their favoured settings are rugged and remote, always formidable, and occasionally hostile. Shrouded in a veil of mist, theirs is a world indifferent to our needs and desires, one where events transpire outside our perception and details are nearly impossible to see...

Author: Jeff Bright | In: Catch Magazine, No. 7, 2009
A Steelhead Fly Fisher's Seasons on the Skeena

In the world of steelhead angling destinations no other river system captivates the fly fisher quite like northwestern British Columbia's Skeena. The mere mention of the name can induce an outbreak of steelhead fever. Its fish are those of legend and each cast made into its free-flowing waters is a temptation to the fates of glory...

Author: Jeff Bright | In: Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine, September 2008
Fire and Ice - Early Winter Steelhead Flyfishing in the Lower Skeena Valley

Early November in the Lower Skeena Valley is a special time. The sun arcs low in the sky, air temperatures are brisk and hoarfrost decorates the landscape. Each morning greets a sparkling wonderland. The bustle of late Summer and Autumn is over, and all but a few dary Coho remain from the vast salmon runs. Along the rivers, moose appear on the gravel bars, and wolf tracks dent the sand at the water's edge. But the bears are gone, headed upland, larded with salmon for a long winter's slumber. It's a time of rest for like along the river and those who visit will find a contemplative stillness unique to this shifting season.

Author: Jeff Bright

Beyond the Mist - Fall Steelhead Flyfishing in the Lower Skeena Valley

After an hour-long, kidney-jarring drive, the pickup grinds to a stop and the three of us pile out into the damp morning. From this wide spot on a rutted logging road we look down into the forested canyon below. We can’t see the river but in our imagination it’s there, gliding green and inviting over a boulder-strewn bottom, murmuring a song we all know and love. It’s hiding a treasure that has compelled one of us to traverse half the globe, another to jet 5,000 miles and the other to make his life here. Behind us is a week of difficult fishing – rain-soaked, grind-it-out, difficult fishing. Ahead of us are two of the most memorable days a steelhead flyfisher could ask for...

Author: Jeff Bright
Fly Fishing the Steelhead Superhighway

On the tackle room wall at Nicholas Dean Lodge in Terrance, British Columbia, hangs a photograph. In the photo, a large fish lies on river cobbles, dwarfing an 8-weight rod handle and matching reel. At first glace, by comparing all elements in the frame, you see the fish is easily 30 pounds, maybe more. From a distance, by the thick "shoulders" and general shape of the fish, you might assume it to be a Chinook...

Author: Jeff Bright | In: Fish and Fly Magazine, Winter 2005
Spring Steelhead in the Lower Skeena Valley

I'm standing in a wilderness river in British Columbia's fabled Skeena Valley. The cold current is pushing hard against my legs, rain is dripping from my nose and I'm speycasting a fly the size of a small bird to fish with proportion and temperament of alligators. I haven't had a strike all day, but I'm in seventh heaven...

Author: Jeff Bright | In: Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine