Nicholas Dean Lodge

Daily Schedule at the Lodge

To ensure that you enjoy your stay at the lodge and the logistics of getting you to the river for a full day of fishing, we do follow a regimented schedule. Your day at the lodge will be as follows:

Your Day of Arrival

When you arrive in Terrace, we will pick you up at the airport and drive you to Pioneer Fishing Lodge, which takes about 20 minutes. Chad, Dustin or one of the Nicholas Dean staff members will greet you as you get off the airplane and will help you with your luggage. On your way to the lodge, we drive through the town of Terrace, where there is plenty of shopping stores to pick up extra supplies, such as Beer, Wine, Scotch and Spirits. We also have a large Pharmacy, Tackle Shops, Clothing and accessories, so just let Chad or Dustin know what you need and you can stop as required. When you arrive at the lodge, you will be given a detailed tour of the facility and both fishing plans and daily schedules for the week will be discussed.  After being shown to your room to unpack, you'll want to head over to the wader room where you can get all your fishing gear ready for the next day's adventure. Just relax in the lodge and dinner is served at 7:00 pm. Don’t stay up too late, it’s a long day on the river and you will want your rest!

Your Fishing Day

6:00 AM - Breakfast: Make sure that you're up and dressed, as a hearty breakfast awaits you that you won't want to miss. And for those who like to get up early in anticipation of the day ahead, coffee is on even earlier. 6:40 to 7:00 AM - Preparation: After breakfast, climb into your waders at the lodge, get your fishing gear ready, and head out to meet up with your guide. Your guide will make sure that your licensing is done and that you carry your signed copies with you at all times. Load your gear in the truck and off to the river you go. 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM - On the river: now the majority of your day is spent fishing our incredible rivers under the guidance of our knowledgeable guides, looking for the biggest Salmon and Steelhead in the world. Around 5:30 PM you will be back in the truck and on your way back to the lodge. 7:00 PM - Dinner: Get back to the lodge, have a drink and tell your fish stories of the day with other guests. Then sit down and enjoy one of Jezz and Pip's sumptuous meals, served at 7 pm! 9:00 PM - Off to bed: Some of you might make it to bed late, but we bet you that after a few days of the outdoors, fresh air and all the exercise catching trophy fish, you wont make it past 9:00 PM.

Your Day of Departure

7:00 AM - Breakfast: On departure days, breakfast is served at 7:00 AM. Afterwards, you are free to pack and relax around the lodge until you depart for the airport. Chad will take you to the airport and will leave the lodge about 1 hour before your departure time. It’s a quick trip to the airport (20 minutes) and the check-in lines are very short. Please make sure that you send your travel itinerary to Chad so he can schedule your transportation to and from the airport.