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Classified Rivers- What this means

The classified waters of B.C. are forty-two (42) highly productive trout streams. These streams are classified as either Class I or Class II and are listed in the Water Specific Tables for each Region or a listing is provided in the Wildlife Act under the Angling and Scientific Collection Regulation. The Classified Waters Licensing System was created to preserve the unique fishing opportunities provided by these waters, which contribute significantly to the province's reputation as a world class fishing destination. Currently, the province is conducting a review of the Angling Guide Management System and Classified Waters Policy. All anglers required to buy a basic Angling License must also purchase a Classified Waters License before fishing on a stream during the period when it is classified: This license is required in addition to the basic angling license and any other stamps required by regulation. Also note that a steelhead surcharge stamp is required at all times when fishing for steelhead, or when fishing classified waters during the period when steelhead are known to be present. The specific times when a steelhead license is mandatory are listed in the Water Specific Tables for each Region. Nicholas Dean Lodge will take of all of your licensing on the day of your arrival and each day as you travel out to fish Classified Waters

Specific Classified Rivers and Regulations

This document will give you the specific details on the classified rivers in our area and any specific restrictions and regulations. PDF (345 KB) - Skeena Regional Regulations Region 6