Nicholas Dean Lodge

Don Powell and Dustin Kovacvich with a bright Summer Run Steelhead caught at the Skeena Camp.

Following up on last week's Skeena Camp blog post, I wanted to share a few more memories and highlights from the river.  Rumours from the camp this week are that Jeff Bright landed a 20 lb Steelhead.  He's a fishy guy so it's not surprising!  More photos on the second week of Skeena Camp forthcoming.

Skeena Summer Steelhead are very hot fish - here's evidence of that!

Don Powell is an experienced Steelhead fly angler, and this week was his 11th trip with us to date!

Good friends, camaraderie and good fishing - exactly what it's all about.

Campfires - one of the quintessential camping experiences and a great way to cap off the day.

The sunsets at the Skeena Camp are pretty nice, too.

Camp cook and guide, Yvan Sabourin, gets in on the action after serving up dinner.