Nicholas Dean Lodge
Brent Piche is a gifted fly tyer, particularly when creating custom Steelhead flies.  We've used several of his flies in the past and have done exceptionally well with them. 

In this industry there are a lot of places where you can buy flies - whether it's at fly shops, online or other stores.  The problem is, they may not necessarily be tied with your specific waters in mind.  And, while in the case of Steelhead flies it could be argued that a lot of generic flies will work well  under a variety of conditions on different rivers, there is something to be said for patterns that have been developed and tested on a specific river or river system.  Enter Brent Piche and his new company, Salty Mykiss Custom Flies.  I've had the opportunity to fish with Brent's flies over the past year, and they have produced very well for me on the Copper, Kalum, Skeena and our favourite not-to-be-named coastal rivers.  If you're coming on a trip to fish with us, are fishing the Skeena on your own or fishing for Steelhead on your home waters, I highly recommend getting in touch with Brent.  Contact info: