Nicholas Dean Lodge

Now that's a big, bright Chinook - 40 lbs.
It's been a strange year for Summer weather.  Normally, during mid to late July you'll find temperatures in the 25 to 35 degrees Celsius range and two years ago it reached 42 C - the hottest on record in Terrace!  In contrast, the weather this Summer has been cooler, overcast and with much more rain than usual.  We'll be honest - while the Skeena has been dropping into shape lately, the past two weeks have not seen great water conditions on the mainstem.  However, because we have rod days on several of the best rivers and sections of rivers like the Kalum and Skeena (Classified Section), we've been able to get our clients into some great fish, despite the poor water conditions.  So, while we of course can't control the weather, our clients can be assured that they'll have the best possible chance at getting into fish on their trip, given the water conditions. 

In this post: Derald Goyette and Adam Chelini, from San Francisco's Bay area are no strangers to big Chinook and they had a great week with Nicholas Dean guide, Greg Buck.  I'd like to give a big shout out to Derald, who took the majority of these photos.

Derald Goyette with a chromer from the first day.
Adam Chelini is no stranger to big fish.  Here's another good one caught on a clean seam off the Skeena.
A cool action shot.

Derald about to release a large, chrome buck on the Skeena.

Adam and a high 20s Chinook on the Skeena.
That's a nice, girthy fish.
Putting the wood to a good one...

Big Chinook fight hard.

Adam with a respectable fish in the mid 30s.