Nicholas Dean Lodge

SoulFish 2 is an epic fly fishing adventure that's just out on the market from film maker Mikey Weir.  Building on the original SoulFish concept, Weir brings together anglers in the pursuit of some of the most interesting and captivating fly fishing adventures out there today.  Nile perch fishing on the shores of Lake Nassir in Egypt, taimen fishing on the wild rivers of Mongolia, saltwater flats fishing in Belize and Hawaii, and trout fishing on his home waters in California are but a few of the fisheries featured in SoulFish 2.  And, we're happy to say that we played a key role in the British Columbia Steelhead footage!  Mikey fished with Dustin Kovacvich and Sky Richard in early November 2010 on some of the Skeena system's best waters, along with pro snowboarder Eric Jackson and fly gal extraordinaire, April Vokey.  If you're interested in purchasing this DVD and getting a glimpse into Mikey's worldwide fly fishing travels, be sure to get in touch today, as we have several copies here at the lodge.  For more information, check out Mikey Weir's website at: