Nicholas Dean Lodge
A few weeks back, Adam Tavender joined us with several of his friends and clients for some Spring Steelhead fishing on the Skeena and its tributaries.  Adam is the former owner of Nakia Lodge on the Dean River, and has also managed Steelhead camps on Russia's Kamchatka peninsula.  In short, he's no stranger to Steelhead!  Nowadays, he's focussing more on photography and getting those classic portraits and landscape shots that make fishing for Steelhead so interesting.  There's a good chance that you've seen his work in various fly fishing magazines, the latest of which is the cover shot of April Vokey in Fly Fisherman magazine (featuring Nicholas Dean Lodge too!).  On his recent trip to the Skeena system, he took some incredible shots and we wanted to share a few of these with you: Adam Tavender Photography - Spring Steelhead on the Skeena