Nicholas Dean Lodge
George Widener's first Skeena Steelhead - a super bright, hard fighting 18 lb buck.
Our 2011 Spring Steelhead season is well underway, and clients have caught some exceptional fish since late March.  One of our most popular seasons, Spring Steelhead fishing on the Skeena and its tributaries in March, April and early May can be very rewarding, offering you a shot at some of the largest fish of the year.  Fishing multiple rivers during the week is certainly one of the allures of this season as well!  What follows is a three part photo essay of the fish we've been catching lately, the often dramatic landscapes and rivers where we find them, and life as a guest at Yellow Cedar Lodge where we base our operations. 

Dan Doughty with a bright 12 lb buck. Greg Lobdell photo

Searching for Spring fish on a smaller river, Greg Lobdell found this 14 lb buck in a long, boulder studded run. Dan Doughty photo

George Widener with his second Spring Steelhead of the day on the mainstem Skeena

Full of energy even after the fight...

Another mid teens buck from a small Skeena trib.  Don't let the growing trend in spey fishing for Steelhead fool you - fishing a single hand rod is still a very productive way to fish for these fish, and certainly one of the most enjoyable!

Bob Budd hooked this heavily spotted fish in a long, smooth boulder strewn run.

They don't get much fresher than this...

Despite its run in with a seal, this hen is still a stunning example of why Skeena fish are so special.