Nicholas Dean Lodge
Now that's what you call a Chinook!  Can you imagine hooking (let alone landing) a monster this size on the fly?  That's exactly what Brett Hallinan of San Jose, California did last week while fishing with Dustin Kovacvich, our head guide here at Nicholas Dean Lodge.  The 35 lb behemoth (yes, we think it looks much larger than that too) took over half an hour to land.  This is the largest Chinook our clients have caught to date in 2011 thus far, and will no doubt be the first of many!  Jason Haase Photo

Starting this year, we're going to post photos of our "Lodge Record Fish To Date,"on our blog for Steelhead, Chinook and Coho Salmon - be sure to check back soon!  Featured in this post is a 35 lb Chinook Salmon caught last week by Brett Hallinan on his 15 ft 10 weight spey rod.  Fly Fishing for Skeena Chinooks is part of what we call "big game fly fishing," and is fast becoming one of our more popular seasons.  The best part?  The season is just beginning.  If you'd like to join us, we still have space available during our prime Summer season, starting in mid June and lasting through the end of July.  Summer Chinooks average 20 to 40 lbs, are very aggressive and fight extremely hard - think about 40 lbs of fish hell bent on getting back to the salt - sometimes there's not a lot you can do but just hold on and hope!  For more information, contact me at or check out our Chinook Fly Fishing brochure.