Nicholas Dean Lodge

Wet Fly Fishing for Steelhead

Steelhead Fishing at Nicholas Dean LodgeThe Skeena Region of Northwest British Columbia has the finest wild Steelhead fishery in the world. Nicholas Dean lodge is centrally located in the Skeena Region and we offer Guided trips on over a dozen different Steelhead Rivers directly from the lodge or by helicopter. Most of the year we use a wet fly swing presentation using fly patterns based on strip leeches, and general practitioners. To present the fly we us 8 to 10 weight outfits with interchangeable sink tip systems loaded onto reels capable of holding at least 150 yards of 30 pound backing. The average steelhead is 8-20lbs with a reasonable opportunity to catch Steelhead in access of 20lbs. Occasionally 30lbs plus Steelhead are caught and there have been Steelhead taken by Marine Biologists in the test fishery on the approach waters of the Skeena River of 44lbs plus. At Nicholas Dean Lodge world record Steelhead are a reality not a dream.

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Dry Fly Fishing for Steelhead

Dry Fly Fishing at Nicholas Dean LodgeYour fly slowly wakes across the surface of a crystal clear pool were earlier you sighted a dozen good Steelhead. A huge boil, you wait for the agonizing second or two required for the fish to turn, and then strike. The water erupts into seething foam and a 15 pound mint bright hen Steelhead shoots into the air tearing line from your screeching reel. 15 minutes later and 150 yards down river you have her. You admire her beauty, click a quick snap shot, and release her to continue on to spawn.

We offer the supreme experience of Dry Fly Steelheading on the highly Exclusive Upper Copper River Helicopter Fishery, Lower Copper River, and Remote Coastal Streams. This is an experience of a life time with Steelhead averaging 8 to 15 pounds (with fish up to 30 pounds) slashing at your skittering dry fly in the unsurpassed natural splendor of Northwestern British Columbia. This time frame is the most exclusive timeslot. We are usually booked over 1 year in advance with indefinite standing reservations. Booking early is critical.

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